Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

News flash: August is humid


Eight eager PAX took on RVA’s darkest AO on this first morning of August. After running a little loop to catch Hitch we did:

COP: Invisible Jumprope, Don Qs, Ukrainian Soldiers, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Scorpion kicks.

Mosey to secret 3rd coupon drop zone, partner up for a Dora 123: 100 Block Thrusters, 200 Block swings, 300 block presses. Add another round of partner run & block swings. Mosey to the back field at TES. Partner up again: 4 rounds of 6 Pullups while partner dips or stepups on bench.

Finish with 2 min of Mary then back to the flag. YHC took us out.

Annoucements: New AO this Saturday – The Crucible. See slack for details. Really need pax there to help support this launch.

NMS: YHC has not been out to Hoedown in a while. Solid PAX as always. Dora took a while and that section of the parking lot sure could use a large fan for some airflow. Someone put that in the suggestions box for Bodos.


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