Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Did someone say Smurf Jacks??


5 guys showed up without burgers or fries to work their buns off this morning.

COP — Copperhead Squats, Slow lunges, HRM’s, travoltas, flutterkicks, dying cockroach, arm circles, DQ, twisty jumps, IW

Bolt 45’s — 15 halfway down squats, 15 midpoint to all the way down squats, 15 jump squats

dora — one partner does a lunge to the first island, then returns the other partner works on
50 smurf jacks, 100 mountain donkeys, 150 split jacks

triple quintuple check — complete three rounds of the following
20 donkey kicks (second time add 5, third time add 5 more)
smurf jacks
People’s chair

head to the benches for
10 slow dips in cadence
15 OYO regular dips
15 per side Skull crushers

back to the flag for more Smurf jacks and some stretching

Names, Numbers, Announcements

NMS — great workout today! YHC needs a nap!!


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