Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That’s going to leave a mark!!!


Once the Broga session was finished, everyone gathered for what they thought would be a Dealer VQ, 8 found out that they had been dooped and YHC would be leading this party.

Mosey to the front loop for COP and disclaimer

DQs, Helicopters, Run 1 lap around small island, Merkins, Elbow touches, LBCs, Run 1 lap around the island, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats

Mosey to the coved area at the bottom of the hill

Triple Check partners 1 & 2 do Boyah Merkins while partner 3 runs a lap. One partner will always be doing double rounds before he runs. Doublemint had other plans and decided this did not sound like fun, he took a hard fall on the sidewalk that stopped the festivities for a bit. Last Call ran back to get Doublemints car, the PAX helped get him in the drivers seat and away he went. It’s always nice to have an actual Dr in the PAX when these things happen, even if DTH wasn’t 100% able to fix anything YHC thinks it brings a level of calm to a situation knowing there is a professional in the group.

Once that excitement was over we moseyed back across to the bottom of the stairs by the Football field entrance.

Balls to the wall, Hip slappers (IC), 15 Donkey Kicks (OYO), Balls to the wall, Hip slappers (IC), 15 Donkey Kicks (OYO), Dirty Hookups (IC), 15 Donkey Kicks (OYO), Dirty Hookups (IC), 15 Donkey Kicks (OYO)

Move over by the steps and partner up

Partner 1 does tooth fairies up the steps mosey down the hill and back, partner 2 does called exercise

Dips, Derkins, Incline Merkins

Mosey up to the first parking lot

Last Call asked if we could do Parking Lot Crawls so YHC was happy to grant his request but limited it to 10 spaces

Mosey out to the entrance road by light poles

Lung up hill to next light post finish with just enough time to do about 30 yards of broad jump burpees

Numbers / Names DTH took us out


Lots of excitement today, the kind you don’t really want at a beatdown. YHC will try to keep up with Doublemint and let the PAX know how he’s doing. Doublemint says he has it on ice and is resting it, he will be going to Ortho on call in a bit so he will know more after that. YHC did say push yourself don’t hurt yourself at the COP but Doublemint must not have heard that part. It is a reminder to us all to watch out for those street monsters, curb catchers and asphalt grabbers its going to be getting darker and they will sneak up on you if your not watching.


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