Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

New AO – “The Crucible”


For 4 or 5 years some of the Pax have been volunteering as running coaches for The Healing Place 10k Training Team. Regulars include Offshore, Swiper and YHC but we have seen a host of including but not limited to LabRat, Hardywood, Bootleg, and the man who first brought it to my attention at least – Upchuck. We have a lot of fun and the guys from THP really appreciate our support.

THP is a homeless shelter and a recovery center for men who have substance abuse disorder, alcoholism, drug addiction etc. It is often a fellas last hope when they have burned through all their bridges and favors. Learning to run gives them something positive to do and somewhere to channel their energy.

The program works too, they have a high success rate.

As you guys know by now, we have been working with F3 Charlottesville and helping to lead workouts at The Bridge. Some of us thought that maybe we could harness some if that good 3rd F energy and do something similar closer to home so we worked with the managment of THP to be sure they were ok with what we are doing and we started The Crucible. I hope some of you men can help with this mission and come work out with us or even take the Q occasionally.

We will have to go a little easy on the names and never bring a cooler of beer but other than that it will be a normal AO, just positioned and timed to be attended by the guys from THP.

I hope that we can help some guys and bring in some new blood and new perspectives into our PAX.

The Crucible kicks off on Saturday August 6th at 7:30 in the park across from Blackwell elementary. TYA will be our first Q. Spread the word and help us make this a success.

Meet on the Maury St side of the park


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