Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I Don’t Think We’re Alone.


Ten of F3RVA’s bravest or most foolish including a rucker and a marathon training teamer broke through the heat and humid this morning to conquer the Virginia Center hill. This is what occurred.

The Route

No Idea left from Buffalo Wild Wings at 5 AM to ruck solo. He will have to pick up onto the story from there.

Eight of us left BWW at 5:30 AM, took a left onto Virginia Center Parkway, crossed over I295, and then noticed around 50 people on Village Views Parkway having what looked like some type of early morning festival. All of them were illuminated from head to foot with reflective gear and lights and were smart enough to have a water stop. Looks like the Marathon Training Team had beat us to the hill. Oh well, instructions were given to walk or jog slowly down the hill and then pick it up going up the hill.

About the Hill on Village Views Parkway off of Virginia Center Parkway

YHC has always felt that the discovery of this route was brilliant. From BWW, it is close to 1 mile to the Village Views Parkway hill. The road is separated by a median so runners run or walk down one side of it and then run up the other side. Along the way, there are 9 light post that are equally spaced from each other. The first third of the hill has a gradual slope. It then gets steeper for the middle third. The last third is gradual but painful since all runners want to quit after reaching the top of the steep middle section. Residents who try to drive up the hill Thursday morning during the summer must hate it since there can be 50 or more MTT runners training on the hill and there is no alternate driving route to get around the hill.

One hill loop is 1/2 mile. All running PAX members did 4 or 5 hills. With the slow one mile back to the VSF, total running distance was 4 – 4.5 miles.

COT – Numberarama, Name-O-Rama, Announcements, YHC took us out.


Great job today PAX! With the heat and humidity along with the challenge of running the hill, all PAX members performed beyond expectations. Great to see Mongoose out again after first posting last Saturday. Well done! YHC tried to keep up with Hash, but that was impossible by the last hill. For those who were not able to join us today, we will be back out at the hill between a month and 6 months from now. Stay tuned.


  • Coming to a Nano-Region near you, Monday, August 8 is the next DaVille Takeover.
  • BRR is looking for a few more participants.

Gotta Run!



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