Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2022 Actually was a HR Derby


14 All Stars (in something) descended on the the red dirt fields of Huguenot Little League for the 2022 Burpee Derby that actually turned out to be a HR Derby. Here is how it went down:

Congregate and sign up for batting order positions before 0530. At 0530, circle up in right field for COP, including:

  • DQs
  • Deadman Hang
  • Helicopter
  • SSHs
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Copperhead squats

On the line for some warmups:

  • high knees
  • shuffles
  • karaoke
  • butt-kickers

Run a few foul polls – waiting for the light to join us a bit and then it was time for the SHOW

The rules – 3 swings (but feel free to wait for a good pitch). Anything other than a HR (over the fence in fair territory) is an out. 3 outs = 3 Burpees. 2 outs = 2 Burpees. 1 out = 1 Burpee. Let’s Play Ball

First 4 or 5 guys had the disadvantage of darkness (sorry, Doublemint, Snuff, OC, House Party and Posey). By the time Mr. Roper stepped in, there was no excuse. In any event, no HRs were hit until Rosie at #8, so that was 7 straight 3 out = 3 burpees for 21 burpees out of the gate.

The birthday boy launched 1 dinger. DTH followed up in the 9-spot with 1 dinger. Then it was back to a burpee fest for the next 4 guys. YHC hit last and launched 1 dinger as well. All in all, 39 burpees in round 1.

Tiebreaker round – Rosie, DTH and YHC each got 3 more swings and YHC beat Rosie 2-1 in the tiebreaker round.

Enough time was left for a lightening round – 2 swings per person. HRs were launched by Rosie (2), Snuff (1), Upchuck (1) and YHC (1). So Rosie won the lightening round – more affectionately knows as the Women’s Featherweight Division. Well done, Rosie. Your crown is being processed along with my Men’s Heavyweight Division belt. Am I mixing enough metaphors for you all?

Finally, some ending exercises on back in the outfield:

  • Jacob’s Ladder
    • From right field line, run to center field and do 5 merkins, run to left field line and do 10, back to center field for 15 and back to right field for 20.
    • Repeato with 2-count flutter kicks
  • Hold 6-inches for the SIX
  • Hello Dollies IC until the final bell rings.

COT, Numbers, Names, Announcements and Prayer


  • HDHH at Snuff’s casa tonight. Details on Slack
  • Dealer VQ at Forge tomorrow
  • Murph at Twin Team Friday
  • School of Rock at Rock N Roll Saturday


  • For all those in our PAX and families dealing with sickness and/or injuries.
  • DTH’s sister hoping to chemo started back up ASAP
  • Upchuck’s friend JB
  • Wisdom and Guidance for all of our teenage and older children making life decisions, especially Mr. Roper’s son out in the great state of Colorado.

NMS – it was a glorious morning for a HR Derby, even if it was a little dark to start (sorry to the 1st inning batters). And, thank goodness we finally knocked some balls out of the park. And, thanks to Posey for tracking those down. Great fun as always. A lot of burpees and a good sweat going. Have a great day men. Make the most of it!

No More Gumbo for You.


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