Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Breaking Bread COVID Edition : Somebody order Chinese?


What was originally planned as a nice family affair including the M and 2.0s to prepare a meal as a team and drop it off together was instead turned into Chinese delivery. Thanks COVID….Nevertheless, here’s what happened :

Warmarama : Text Barbara on Saturday to let her know the M has COVID and offer to have a meal delivered to Southside Health Center instead. Ask Barbara if she wants Pizza, Chinese or something else. She quickly picks Chinese as a nice change of pace. Get the PAX count : 7


Call Lucky Chinese on Sunday at 3:30 pm. 

Hot Potato : Tried to pass the potato to first person who answered which sounded like this :

YHC : Can I put in a delivery order?

Lady 1 : What kind of delivery?

YHC : food delivery

Lady 1 : What kind of food delivery?

YHC : Uh…I need food delivered to Southside Health Center

Lady 1 : Passes potato to Lady 2

Lady 2 : (Much kinder and easier to understand) takes the following order with an ETA delivery time of 5:30 pm –

2 large orders of vegetable fried rice 

2 large orders of vegetable lomein

1 large order of sesame chicken

1 large order of beef with broccoli

1 large order of sweet and sour  chicken 

10 pork egg rolls

Make sure Lady 2 has Barbara’s phone number and the address for drop off 


NMMS : Not what YHC envisioned for this week’s Breaking Bread when signing up but the show must go on. Barbara actually seemed elated to have Chinese food. Not sure if that’s a reflection on YHC’s previous cooking attempts?

“Life is like a box ah chocolates…ya never know what ya gonna get.” – Forrest Gump


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