Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Early Bird Special


What a great day for a run! The 530 crew were few in numbers, but mighty in spirit with most Pax choosing the 500 option. Plenty of two wheeled Pax out today as well.

The Route

West on Grove and a right on Bunting. As one progresses North, dogleg to the right and the road transitions to Chantilly and Maywill. Take a right on Westmoreland and return to the AO. For extra mileage add the left on Jacque, right on Dabney/Malvern to Grove.


One of the best parts of running from this AO is the conversation one has with members of one’s pace group. Its always genuine and appreciated. We had a nice tour of the new luxury condos off of Maywill and a stroll down memory lane around the original Costco and Circuit City locations.

TYA took us out.


See TYA for opportunities to road trip west and be a part of the Bridge experience. Its a monthly opportunity to keep on your calendar. Also, the Wednesday hill run will be resurrected 7/27. Interested? Meet at the top of Hillcrest be 5-530 pm and bring your lowest gear to grind out those hills.

Be great today!


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