Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Three’s Company


3 strong posted for WDOG this morning and here is how it went down.

Mossy to the brick patio for warm ups – then down to the hill of ill repute – 3rounds first round – polar bear to the end of the street – run down the hill at bottom 20 WW II’s run up hill – next round lung to end of street run down 20 LBC’s run up hill – next round bear crawl to the end of the street -run down 20 cross leg lifts – run up hill.

Mossy to the stage : Grab your coupon – 3 rounds of – 10 overheard press, 10 curls, 10 triceps – 1- block merkins.

Mossy to the Amp Theatre:

18-1 Dips on the way down – back up 1 incline merkin at each step.

Mossy to the flag – short Mary..

BODO’s took us out.

Thanks for showing up guys thought I might be solo today but three’s company 🙂 way to work out there this morning – it was a great way to start the day ! See y’all in the gloom ..


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