Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Double Turds

Danny Noonan

Eight Danny Noonan wannabees huddled in the normal gathering spot while the Q meandered around prior to launch. After all preparations were made, YHC walked up which immediately shut down mumblechatter. Wait three minutes to see if little blue would show up and then off we went for traveling COP.


  • Mosey to the end of the triangle for invisible jumprope x20
  • Mosey to the next road for helicopters x10
  • Mosey to the next road for suzanne somers x10
  • Mosey to the next road for copperhead squats x15
  • Mosey to the bottom of the hill for mountain climbers x10 and LBCs x20

The Thang

We tried a new creation today. Leap Frog. It needed some modification as we worked through it but YHC believes it was a success. Organize into groups of three. One partner runs up the hill 20 seconds, stops, and starts to do merkins. Second partner runs past the first partner 20 seconds. When your partner passes you, switch exercises from merkins, to jump squats, to WWIIs. Trailing partner does 10 WWIIs and then runs up past the first partner in leap frog fashion. It worked, hard to describe, but it worked. We went all the way from the bottom of the hill to the light.

Short mosey over to the parking lot for curb crawls, 1-5.

Another short mosey to the triangle park for a skills based challenge. Pax was 20 feet away from a 10 foot circle. Cycling through the PAX we had to try to chip a ball in the circle. In the circle, 20 LBCs. Just miss the circle, 5 merkins, completely miss the circle 5 burpees. Second round we eliminated the “just miss”. We did almost all burpees. Third round was a speed round with cumulative merkins for every miss. We did 8. Fourth round we ditched the club and just tried to throw it in the circle. 7 of 9 were successful so we did 2 merkins. BTTF.


  • TYA is off to the bridge this Saturday. Ping him if you are going.
  • Lots of HDHHs not on Hump Day. Next one is Tuesday at Snuff’s house. See slack for details
  • Prayers for our brothers that need our assistance. Reach out a hand to provide support.


YHC was unsuccessful in identifying his next captain’s choice partner. Everyone complained about not cutting the grass but what YHC learned is that everyone sucked at chipping. Maybe we should try putting next time, you know… night putting. Bacon Bits and Ronnie had the biggest scares. I thought their shots were headed for the house across the street.

Appreciate the opportunity to try something new fellas. Let each of us offer strong support for those around us no matter where they need assistance. That’s what this brotherhood is for. None of us is alone in our challenges.

SYITG fellas.

Splinter out.


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