Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There Can Be Only JUAN!


Eleven HIM’s converged at NoToll to play Ultimate Frisbee. Last Call looked like a well oiled Gumby sauntering over from a Solo Broga, dripping with confidence and namaste vibes. Juanita showed up with cleats and his own light up disc – which should have clued us all in. The following details the morning’s shenanigans, but it was clear – there can be only Juan! 


  • Mosey to the Field
  • Warm-up loop and place cones
  • Variable IC Warmup Reps
  • Teams randomized by counting off into Team 1 and Team 2, making it 5v6, with tiny JV pennies supplied by Juanita 
  • RULES: x3 Merkins for any player involved in a turnover, and x3 burpees for the losing team on each touchdown.


It became immediately clear that Juanita was familiar with handling a disc, which was a good thing since the other team had Snuff who we all know is the dark horse of Ultimate (it would have been super bad if they were both on the same team). YHC ended up on the team of 6 and generously offered to have a man switch teams half way through to even things up… apparently, a slimmed down team of 5 PAX was the perfect number for the small field cause our early 2-2 score quickly took a turn for the worse as the five young guns ran a 6 touchdown streak, keeping YHC’s team exhausted with repeated burpees. Down 8-2, YHC verbally browbeat the lads into our own little streak with the final touchdown in Bone Thugs nimble fingers, valiantly losing 7-9 to the bad guys. 

Noteworthy bad guys were Florence who will now be known as “The Hammer” for his unique and quite effective throwing style, Judge who is waaaayy faster than he lets on, Bullseye with his sneaky passing down the middle, and Last Call who will now be named “Mr Inertia” after body checking YHC (like a rag doll) off a catch and right out of bounds. It was not dissimilar to Orange Crush sending Snuff into a flat-spin, but to Snuff’s credit he held onto the disc for a touchdown. 

Kudos to House Party for putting his height and fast hands to work, and it should also be recorded that while OC’s early efforts were generally disastrous, he made up for it with creating touchdown opportunities in our rally. A solid effort by all and a good number of merkins and burpees all around. Thanks for posting fellas. SYITG, DTH

Mosey BTTF for COT:

  • Counterama # 11
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Below)
  • YHC took the PAX out in Prayer

Prayer Requests:

  • Healing for McGruff, Heartburn, and Labrat


  • TODAY – SOJ Happy Hour at Triple Crossing
  • 7/21 – NavySeal Themed BoneThugs Q at The Forge (bring a squirt gun!)
  • 7/26 – Gumbo Q’s Home Run Derby
  • 7/26 – Pool Party HH at Snuff’s place
  • 7/28 – Dealer VQ at The Forge 
  • 7/29 – 3rd F at Starbucks (Broad&288)
  • 7/30 – Boberry Q’s School of Rock
  • 8/2 – Ultimate at Heartbreak Ridge
  • 8/4 – New Glory at The Forge
  • 8/8 – Daville Takeover all AO’s
  • 8/9 – 2nd F Lunch at Innsbrook

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