Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Baggie, The Hand Mask, and the Toupee


A strong twenty of the area’s finest gathered in the bowl for today’s Spider Run. Plenty of quiet suppositions prior to launch, with many questioning when there would be instructions. 0530 arrived and off we went.

Everyone head west along the lake, across the bridge, right through the (now dark) path, and huddle up at the base of University and College.

Intervals were next. All were 1 minute up hill followed by 1:45 recovery back down. First round of intervals were up University. On the third interval up we took a right on Wood and slow moseyed to Lakewood.

Continue past the PoJ and complete 3 intervals up Lakewood. On the third, continue the recovery north on Wood.

Continue on Wood to the Baldwin intersection on the left. Third round of intervals were up Wood. Apologies to the neighbors on the street as we completely took over that road. It was only 3 intervals, which is just over 8 minutes, and then we disappeared without a trace. Ok, maybe there was a trace of something left behind which stirred up the neighbors.

Slow mosey back Baldwin, through Fraternity Row, then back to the flag which Flatline so graciously planted.

Numbers, names, YHC took us out.


  • TYA is heading up The Bridge this Saturday. Contact him if you are interested in a 6am clown car.
  • Prayers for Lab Rat, Swirly’s MIL, and others in our PAX who are recovering or managing life’s various challenges

This was the first interval session since winter. The common consensus was that winter is better for these shenanigans. That’s why we modified and chose different hills today. Great job to all.


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