Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

no weinke, no cry


8 guys came out this morning to take on the challenge of a new day.

COP — SSH, arm circles, squats with a hitch

Headed off campus to the giles neighborhood. Stop for various exercises along the way.

When we got to the traffic circle, we partnered up for a little CMIYC. One person lunged, the other person ran around the circle and caught them. trade off and keep doing this until we finished the circle.

Hey! We made it to the clubhouse and look! Pull up bars. Triple up, .. I mean… quadruple up for a triple quadruple check. four exercises done three times.
timer — 20 skull crushers on the rock or log of their choice.
pull ups
monkey humpers
Obvi, the Q did not give great directions on this one bc someone’s group messed up the order of things. and people didn’t know which exercise they were supposed to be doing. Eventually it all got sorted out. kind of.

head to the parking lot for a mini dora
50 merkins
100 ww2
150 SSH (cut short a little so we could get back to the flag)
other person bernie sanders towards the road, regular run back

back to the flag included a few sprints, a few walks and a few exercises.

time for 2 minutes of stretching

Numbers names and announcements, YHC took us out

1. Great showing this morning!! Was not expecting that many dudes, but was thrilled!
2. Either some people need to give directions better or some people need to listen better. Not going to throw any of my teammates under the bus.
3. Yardsale is a beast at running backwards! He might be faster running backwards than forwards!!

Peace out,



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