Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back in the Saddle


8 dressed properly to run the Sunday Funday loops this morning. Temperatures were actually 70 and conditions were sunny. According to the biker who tried to run down one of our runners, the following might have happened:

North Bank to T. Pottersfield to South Bank / Buttermilk.

Numbers, names, YHC took us out.


Sign up to run BRR. Sounds like we have 18 so far.

Prayers for Lab Rat who is dealing with Round 2. Let’s nail this once and for all. We are with you, my friend.

Prayers for YHC’s friend JB. Uphill battle with a serious health issue.

F3RVA continues to support groups of men working to improve upon unfortunate circumstances or prior choices. Let’s get guys out to The Bridge. HoneyDo did a solo yesterday, and we can do better. Pick a weekend – this weekend – and plan to help out. It’s a great experience and growth opportunity. The guys there appreciate it.

Second opportunity coming up. Shakedown and Offshore have spent several years helping with The Healing Place here in Richmond. A few of us have shown up for moral support as well. Now is our opportunity to demonstrate what “open to all men” means. Look for more information coming up from Shakedown on ways to become more involved with bringing these guys into the F3 world on a more regular basis.


Excellent morning to get sweaty running the loop. It’s been a minute since YHC did a Sunday Funday after being a regular for years. Great to see so many awesome dudes.

Special thanks to Helix who drew the short straw and had to run with YHC today.

Great chatter at ETs. Food remains the COVID standard level. Meh.

Sunday Funday Final Exam Question. Discuss the validity of this statement: A tank top is better running attire than going shirtless.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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