Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It was a Square J Kind of Day


Sixteen (or was it seventeen?) Saturday morning thrill seekers stretched and waited for the Q to arrive before YHC grabbed the reigns and off we went to the field in front of the carrilon for:


  • SSH x25
  • High Knees x10
  • Helicopters x10
  • DQ x10
  • Mountain Climbers x10
  • Merkins x10
  • Wilson’s Wife
  • Fudd’s Wife

The Thang

Since we were on the field, YHC called triple check on the field. Group into threes with exercises being merkins, freddie mercuries, while the pace car bernie sanders down and back to the last tree on the right before the gap. YHC passed to Bacon Bits

Bacon Bits had us mosey to ye old stage and grab some coupons before partnering up for Dora. Exercises were 100x overhead presses, 200x squat swings, 300x curls. Pace car ran to the third tree. This took a while then Bacon passed it to Mr Rogers.

Mr Rogers led us to the triangle for a tribute to Garbage Plate. Partner up, one person runs the triangle while the other progresses through bear crawls, lunges, polar bears, broad jump burpees. Then pass to Wilson.

Wilson led us to the amphitheater for a short triple check. Merkins, LBCs, while the pace car ran up 8 steps and returned. Plenty of name combinations shouted with the most memorable being Bacon Gas. Wilson had us mosey back to the flag before passing it back to YHC (presumably because he didn’t want to write the BB).

YHC led us through 3.5 minutes of mary including American Hammers, Rosalitas, Dollys, and LBCs before finishing promptly at 07:00.

Numbers (someone was skipped), names (no one was skipped), before YHC and then Hitchhiker took us out.


  • Shiplap’s big day is tomorrow! Keep him and his new family in your prayers.
  • Prayers for our PAX who are recovering, especially Lab Rat. We are with you brother.
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Many of the PAX were expecting a tire to be dropped off somewhere, which must have been why the Q wasn’t in attendance. Turns out the signed up Q just overslept. Make sure to ping him on Slack and let him know how much we appreciate him.

Great to be at Dogpile two weeks in a row. Going to have to make this a more regular thing… Great coffeeteria afterwards where we solved all problems IT related.




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