Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The DaVille Takeover goes west to familiar grounds


On this DaVille Takeover, four Tuckahoers/Short Pumpers/Far West Enders? and a Davillian met in the parking lot of Godwin High School on this perfect Friday. All in attendance planned to go a little more than 5 miles.

The Route

  • Right onto Pump
  • Left onto Ridgefield
  • Right onto Cutler Ridge Road
  • Right onto Fox Meadows
  • Right onto Laclede Avenue
  • Left onto Popular Forest
  • Left onto Ridgefield
  • Right onto Glen Eagles Drive
  • Left onto Old Prescott Road
  • Run to the VSF (Total Distance 5.66 miles according to MapMyRun.com)

COP: Name-a-rama, Numberarama, Announcements, YHC took us out


Today was the 2nd of 7 planned DaVille Takeovers which will go until December. It was great being back at my old high school running through some familiar neighborhoods and others that didn’t exist 30 years ago. For those who have not run in the far west end, its hilly. I enjoyed the conversations I had with the PAX during the run which included mostly topics related to the areas that surround Godwin. It was nice meeting Lighthouse today. YHC is also anticipating a return trip to Currahee in the near future as he was close to having an FNG post there today as well as seeing one of his friends with his daughter run through the campus of Godwin during the COT.


  • The Forge will have a seal team workout next Thursday July 21 and Bone Thugs will be leading it. It will end in a water gun fight, so make sure you bring one if posting there.
  • Next Saturday (July 23, 2022) DaPile will be forming up at the Kings Charter Clubhouse @ 7am for a 1 hour workout with Coffeeteria at the local cup after.
  • A few more members are needed for the BRR as well as other fall F3 events.
  • The next DaVille Takeover is coming to an AO near you on Monday, August 8. Be ready!

This run was a great way to end the week! It was an honor to lead this fine group of gentlemen.

Gotta Run!



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  1. Phonics, thanks for making the trek across town and leading. Hope to see you soon!