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Bright Path to Coupons


Gypsy reminded some and informed others of the origination of the WaThoHuk name. I did a little research to add to the story. It was Jim Thorpe’s name from being a member of the Sac and Fox Nation and is translated as “Bright Path”. Jim Thorpe is one of the greatest athletes ever, second to Pigskin. When looking for a new name of this AO, that is located at Pocahontas Middle School, a Native American name was desired and no better athlete for some inspiration than Jim Thorpe. He is also a good lesson for all of us as he struggled a lot after his athletic career with alcoholism, money, finding work and cancer. Being a good or great athlete is not the ultimate goal.

We leaned some of this from Gypsy while running into the Windsor Place West neighborhood. We then stopped at the little cul-de-sac for some warmaramma of SSH, Cherry/Strawberry Pickers, Merkins and Arm Circles. We then ran down to the Church Run pool parking lot where some coupons magically appeared. Coupons at WTH may be a first.

We did 5 coupon exercises of ten reps each and in between ran to the other end of the lot and did a ladder of burpees (starting at 5 and going down to 1). Exercises were Overhead press, Curls, Merkins with hands on Coupon, Flutter Kicks while holding up Coupon and Triceps. Had time for one more and Brick voted for Merkins again so we ran to the end of the lot, did 5 more burpees and then back for Merkins.

Back to Thamesford Way and went up and down the hill 3 times doing 20 LBCs at the top. Started back and did 5 squats at each recycling bin (4 or 5 bins total) then moseyed back to the flag. Ran 3.5 miles total. Coupons are behind the dumpsters in the back of the pool parking lot for the future.

Always an honor and pleasure to host my favorite AO.


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