Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Any Day Now…


5 W Dog All-Stars arrived this morning to see what YHC had in store for them. With the temperature perfect and no sign of YHC’s son coming this morning, here is what may have happened…

Mosey to the Penny Stage to grab a coupon.


SSHs x 20

Don Quixotes x 10

Helicopters x 10

Dead Man Hang x OYO

Arm Circles x 10

Coupon Merkins x 10

All warmed up, mosey with the coupon to the circle by the Amphitheater

The Thang

Dora Hundreds

Timer runs around the circle with the coupon, while the following exercises are done:

Bench Press x 100

Curls x 100

Shoulder Press x 100

Coupon Swings x 100

Calf Raises x 100

Coupon LBCs x 100

Put the Coupons back and mosey to the Rusty Cage for a Quintuplet Check

Timer (P1): 15 Leg Raises on the Pull Up bars

P2: Jerkins

P3: Flutter Kicks


P5: Dips

Mosey Back to the Flag for a couple minutes with Mary.

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out with prayer requests for BT’s daughter who is doing service work in Kenya and for YHC’s M with the arrival of our son any day now.


Good to be out at WDog and lead this group! Always love this AO and great mumblechatter throughout with parenting advice the hot topic. Appreciate you guys offering any help we might need in the coming hours or days… Potentially the last beatdown before being a dad! Thank you for letting me lead and make it a great day!


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