Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Earth, Wind, and Fire


YHC has been away for a bit traveling with the family, but now that YHC is back in town for a week it felt appropriate to get out there and Q it up a bit. YHC picked the Q but YHC’s daughter decided that she would feel sick the night before and stay up and make it a trip to the urgent care around 1 AM. All is fine now and my 2.0 is feeling great, but YHC was a slight bit tired Wednesday morning. But a trio of reliable Wdog regulars were there to greet YHC with smiles.

5:30 hit and a familiar silver Honda Odyssey came around the corner on 3 wheels, got a bit of air, and kicked up some dust then parked in a flash to make it for the start of some stretching.

Lots of mumble chatter and some stretching ensued. Me thinks a lot of the PAX went hard at 4th of July both during the workout and afterwards, so it was good to do an extended stretching session. Then it was a mosey on over to the rusty cage for a MINI MURPH!

Mini Murph is a great way to start things off, 5 rounds total, each round: 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, and 15 air squats. to get it rolling, quick run to the fire hydrant and back, then it was go time. After the 6 finished up with that it was back to moseying on over to the nickel bridge. The sky and clouds that morning were looking extra pink and blue and cool, and YHC was hoping to catch a beautiful Richmond city view while getting some sweat in across the bridge. Once we all got to the start, it was 5 WW2s at each light pole over to the other side, turn around and then 3 burpees at each light pole on the way back. The views were great.

Wanting to fit in some extra stretching it was mosey on back to the flag to round it all out with some stretching.

Names and numbers

YHC took us out.

It was great to see the regulars at Wdog even after a night of lost sleep. However the morning’s talk, workout and, camaraderie was better than any caffeine to get YHC moving this morning. Thank you for the opportunity to lead gentleman.


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  1. The mini Murph was excellent. Great Q. Always appreciate the extra stretching.