Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Let the Neighbors See


A quartet of grizzled F3 veterans decided to prep for the holiday libations with a Twin Team beatdown in the thick Midlothian air. According to the dogs policing their respective yards, here is what went down.

Short mosey to bus loop behind Betty Weaver for disclaimer and warm up that included SSH’s, Helis, Cherry Pickers, Dead Man Hang and some Michael Phelps. Let us begin:

Seven of Diamonds: Brief mosey to the blacktop for exercises at each corner: 7 merkins, 14 WWII’s, 21 squats, 28 Imperial Walkers, 21 Mountain Climbers, 14 V Ups, 7 DQ’s. Sweat dripping from everywhere. Lets continue on::

Mailbox Roulette: Long Mosey over to Riverton Drive to explore a new area for YHC. Mailboxes on the left – 10 monkey humpers. Mailboxes on the right – 3 burpees. Brocode style all the way to the culdesac.

Moving Dora: Coming back down from the culdesac, partner up. One runs to James River Road and back, while partner does mobile exercise – Bear Crawl and Lunges.

BTTF for 1 minute of LBC’s along with 30 seconds of savasana.

Numbers, Names, Announcements: See Huttons preblast on the Batteau Convergence on Monday. BRR Teams starting up, Ruck in VA Beach this fall, F3 Retreat coming up. See Slack for Deets.

NMS: YHC had been looking at exploring Riverton Drive for a few weeks. Length and elevation were deceptive. Brutal slow climbing hill which the PAX crushed. Good mumble chatter before the holiday weekend. Daylight monkey humpers are always enjoyable and a great recruiting tool. Enjoy the day fellas and have a good holiday weekend.


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  1. Man Last Call, you’ve brought your A game to your Q’s these past 2 days. Well done. I’m tired.