Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Breaking in the Turf


A pair of trios fought through the fartsack to descend onto the humid air encompassing South Richmond. According to the security cameras following our hooligan activities, this is what was rumored to have occurred.

Short mosey to the front of Huguenot High School for disclaimer and warm ups that included SSH’s, Helicopters, Dead Man Hang, Jazzercise, Suzanne Summers, Hand Release Merkins and possibly others. No Prince so lets continue to mosey..

Long mosey around the school and thru Snuff Gate, past the tackling rack, oversized tires and onto the plush turf football field. Line up at the goal line, lets get this Beast started..

Stopping at the 25, 50 and opposite 25 for 6 reps each. 6 rounds total. Exercises included merkins, jump squats, WWII’s, hand release merkins, heels to heaven, and burpees. Quick recovery so lets hit the bleachers.

Short mosey for a triple check that included dips and elevated merkins. Timer ran up the bleachers around the block house and back down.

Time running low so make our way back to the flag. On the way back quick stop on the hill, with the freshly cut grass, for some clockwork merkins. Continue on back to the flag.

1 minute of mary to include arm circles and Michael Phelps to loosen up the shoulders.

Numbers, Names, Announcements (4th of July Convergence at Batteau (Forest Hill Park) at 7 am. YHC took us out.

NMS: YHC has been wanting to get back on the football field since we located Snuff Gate. Incorporating the bleachers found significant space at the top for future enjoyment. Beast does not promote significant mumble chatter but the plush turf is always appreciated for a future Hardywood shoeless Q. Way to work those shoulders today boys. Enjoy the holiday weekend.


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  1. You saved the easiest exercise of Burpees for the last set of the Beast. Smart move. I can’t feel my shoulders today.