Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Discs with a coupon


9 merry Pax including myself descended upon the outskirts of arguably the top university in greater Henrico County to embark on some disc golf with the help of a coupon and some exercise add-ons. According to the nine of us it went like this:

COP: DQs, CPs, HRMs, FMs, ACs. Mosey with a couple of stops to the disc golf course – half mile trek. 2 carry the coupon while the others run. 25 2 count flutter kicks at the first stop with a switcheroo on the coupon. Then next stop is 25 heels to heaven. Switcheroo number two. Then 30 LBCs and on to hole 18.

Hole 18 is a straightaway 220 foot uphill hole. 10 merkins per shot. The PAX did a decent job as no one appeared to shoot worse than 4 or 5. The Q had to get help in order to find his disc. Vamos to hole #1. this is a downhill 165 foot throw around a couple of trees. This hole requires 3 burpees per shot. The Q proceeded to throw a little bit to the right but we had a mix or pars, bogeys and perhaps even a birdie. Bear crawl ~100 foot to tee 2. Same process but with 10 jump squats per shot. This hole is a bit harder so mostly bogeys and doubles. Lunge ~150 feet to hole 3. Dogleg left about 200 feet with 10 Carolina Dry Docks per shot. Much to the chagrin of Handshake, we finished after that hole since we were 10 minutes from finish time.

Mosey back with coupon and mountain climbers and plank jacks. At home base, do a burpee for total combined points on the 4 holes (I had 15). Finish with a long set of American Hammers and then a little DQ for stretching.

I was impressed with the ease of moving the coupon around. Perhaps I need to add more coupons. The PAX did better overall than December. Prayers for continued recovery for Gypsy, Lab Rat, Pinto and Blue Moon. Do great things men!

Fireman Ed


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  1. For the record, College Road is the dividing line. Henrico one side, Richmond other side (with the exception of fraternity row being carved off for Richmond).

    Also for the record, no frisbees were lost, and I birdied #1.