Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Deliverance 3 – Two Fish in the Water


Eight Kayakers and One Paddle Boarder converged at 5:00am in the brand new parking lot at the new boat ramp at Huguenot Flatwater. According to the lone fisherman on the river bank next to the ramp, this is probably what happened:

COP on nice new concrete area:

SSH’s, DQ’s, Ukrainian Soldiers, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks


Round 1: Bearcrawl the ramp around to the steps and run up steps.

Round 2: Lunge the ramp around to steps and run up steps.

Round 3: Left Side Shuffle the ramp around to steps and run up steps.

Round 4: Right Side Shuffle the ramp around to steps and run up steps.

DORA on new boat ramp/dock:

Partner up with one boat. Timer paddles to the middle of the river and paddles back. Other partner is completing LBC’s on dock. Second round, exercise partner is completing Squats.

Main Event:

Everyone grab their boat and head upriver. At the first crop of rocks, practice Life-Saving 101 to a couple of the PAX (not naming names) who, in the slowest of motions, turned their boats over and went completely under the water. Rest of PAX yells “Fish in the Water!!” Recover the Fish and keep heading upriver around the bend to get a great view of the Willey Bridge and Bosher Dam. With 20 minutes to spare, turn around and head downriver into the awesome sunrise. Take a few minutes to enjoy the fellowship, scenery and God’s creation!

Dock the boats at exactly 6:00am for COT:

Numbers, Names, Announcements and Upchuck took us out!

Announcements: See Slack!


What a wonderful morning for this! YHC thought last year had perfect weather and river conditions for this workout, but this year was even better! We were the first people to use the brand new parking lot that was just finished yesterday evening. The sandbar is no more, so the exercising had to be completed on the newly built ramp/dock complex. What a nice new complex for river enthusiasts to enjoy! There were a few tricky moments during the DORA when partners were switching out of their boats, but no big issues. The PAX that did not wear gloves really enjoyed the bear crawls on the somewhat jagged concrete ramp. On the beginning on the main paddle upriver, two of the PAX flipped over to the left and went completely under. Fortunately, recovery of these two unnamed PAX went well and the paddle eventually continued on. There was a hard, fast paddle upriver until it was time to turn around and ease back down to the VSF (dock). A few of the PAX bottomed out on some rocks along the way but managed to free themselves without any issues. 100% attendance at coffeeteria afterwards. PERFECT MORNING!

Thanks for posting this morning, men!

Enjoy your day!




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  1. That was fun. I have to say you don’t realize what the current is like until yer in the water, Trying to hang in to a kayak and paddle in what looks like flat water and then get to a solid surface – a fitness and patience challenge. Thanks to the pax for assistance. Lesson learned ( again ) is that slow is smooth and smooth is fast. #cobains to all as I fear my inattention was the instigator.

    Lets do it again.

    Gitty up.

  2. Way to do all the recon and logistics for this Kubota. Each year getting better.