Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Changing up breakfast


Two regulars and a formerly regular attendee of Breakfast Club met at woke-biscuit. Plan for the Q was a slightly different route for the pre-run. After making sure we had gloves and keys we were off!

The route:

Robinson South, take a left on W Cary St., then take a right on Addison, take Addison until it ends, take the footbridge over 195, next left onto Addison, when it ends take a left on Lake Dr., the take the homestretch as per usual.

On the way back we took the quickest route across the fields.

Nnumbers, names, Hitch took us out.


It was a fun challenge to hit up Dogpile and Breakfast Club after long hiatus. Great to catch up with Hutton and Hitch!


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