Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

SOJ Takeover: I am Runner


17 strong posted on another steamy morning to run and cycle some miles.

Route – serpentine. Zig zag back and forth, parallel to Grove, between Hamilton and Shadwell/alley deadend, running on Hanover, Stuart, Kensington and Leonard. 4s turn home on Westmoreland, 5s on Woodlawn, 6s finish at Hamilton back up to Grove and home.

In honor of our brother Lab Rat, who invented this route many years ago. It’s a pleasant, no hill, low traffic route and if you need to cut off early, you’re always near the school. SOJ takeover continues through the weekend. Backblast title was in reference to the classic runner’s outfit – no shirt, just the reflective vest – that boldly states ‘I am runner’, to YHC at least. I love it.

Prayers to the family and friends of Fico’s friend and former colleague Mike who passed yesterday unexpectedly.



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  1. Wedding Singer on

    job men! good catching up with you, Upchuck. Thanks for dragging me around.

  2. Good route and run, Singer.

    Hope Hitch heals quickly. Thinking of Mike and his family. Sorry to hear about your pal, FICO.