Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gumbo back on the Circus Menu


After a four-year hiatus, the SOJ Takeover brought Gumbo back to the Circus Menu. It was great to get back out to the Circus, throw some weight around and catch up with old friends. YHC is already sore. It went something like this…

No mosey, just circle up for disclaimer and COP, including:

  • SSHs
  • DQs
  • Helicopters
  • Dead Man Hang
  • Halos
  • Goblet Squats
  • Merkins – passing the bell under each time
  • LBCs


Modified Lindseys – mosey/waiter carry over to runner alley and line up on the curb. Waiter carry across the alley and do 30 swings and 10 sit and press. Waiter carry back, 20 and 20. Waiter carry back for 10 and 30. Note to self, 30 sit and press sucks! Moving on .

Wall Work – mosey/suitcase carry over to the school wall for:

  • Round 1 – 10 goblet squats, 20 donkey kicks, waiter carry across grass and back, wall sit without bell
  • Round 2 – 10 goblet squats, 20 donkey kicks, 10 lawnmower pulls each arm, waiter carry across grass and back, wall sit with bell
  • Round 3 – 10 goblet squats, 20 donkey kicks, 10 lawnmower pulls each arm, 10 2-count American Hammers, waiter carry across grass and back, wall sit with bell

Triple Check – partner 1 waiter carry under cover to middle of the school, 3 burpees and return. Partner 2, tricep pullovers. Partner 3 lunges.

Ring of Fire – circle up holding Al Gore with the bells. Rosie started with 10 shoulder presses, then 10 merkins and back to Al Gore. Next pax starts pressing when prior guys starts merkins and pass it around the circle.

Mary – 5 minutes of Mary, including Boat and Canoe, APDs, Freddie Mercuries, American Hammers and Superman.

BTTF, COT, Numbers and Names.

Announcements – Get out for the SOJ Takeover if you haven’t already to see some new or old faces.
Prayers for all PAX and friends/family members dealing with ailments and illnesses. Stay strong and push on!

NMS – Great to get back to the Circus – it has been a minute (or 4 years). Great to catch up with Attila, White Deer, Offshore, Pigskin, Lighthouse and White Snake who I don’t see often. It is definitely differing throwing weight around (well weight not permanently attached to my body at least) for 45 minutes. I need to work the Circus into my rotation more. Great mumblechatter and great work guys. Great morning overall, especially watching Offshore dominate with that 45 lb bell like it was nothing. Oh, and Bleeder – you can thank Rosie for leaving sweaty “Ws” all over the sidewalk. Free advertising!

No More Gumbo For You!


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