Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ripped Shirts & Wet Discs


A perfect 16 HIM’s posted to Heartbreak for an SOJ Takeover game of Ultimate Frisbee. With humidity at 1000%, our West End hosts ensured the sprinklers were ON for refreshing showers throughout the game. Here’s how the PAX exercised all three F’s in style:



  • Mosey the field perimeter dropping cones (full length, but only 75% of the width), and then circle up
  • Welcome & Disclaimer
  • Variable IC Reps to get the muscles warm top to bottom

THE GAME:  With absolutely perfect numbers for Ultimate, the PAX divided into Team Atilla with 8 dark shirts and Team Mariner with 8 light shirts. Rules were reviewed, and the decision made to forego burpees or merkins on turnovers. 

While each PAX put forward amazing effort for their teams, here follows the most remarkable highlights of the game:

  • Early scoring by Team Mariner demonstrated definitive skill and coordination between Snuff and Bodos, and early grumbling by Team Atilla suggested uneven team skill levels
  • Team Atilla stopped counting when the score reached 3-2, but MVP’s Mariner, Snuff, and Bodos kept the TD’s going
  • Shout out to TI – The Ringer who’s never played
  • Upchuck won a small ribbon for “Most Hands On”, and Bodos’ shirt is proof if you let the bear give you a hug, you might regret it
  • Upchuck also earned 5 Burpees, the only given out, for batting the frisbee out of bounds over the fence – respect to the man for no complaints crushing the burpees
  • Bodos had 1st Place in Most Glorious (and frequent) Dives (pretty sure he’s actually just 25 years old…)
  • Handshake went beast mode in celebrating turnovers
  • Offshore has sneaky good skills
  • Our lone LIFO was Kubota, but only missed the last TD and COT

FINAL SCORE: Team Mariner 10 // Team Atilla 3


  • Counterama # 16
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • BODOS took the PAX out in Prayer

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