Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First Slack F3RVA discussion; next one Monday 6/20 at 7p


Seven met virtually for the initial leadership discussion topics including. All are invited.

  • Intentionality; what does it mean to expand leadership opportunities; site Qs; different leadership styles and opportunities
  • 3rd F inclusion of other faiths
  • What will it take to fill the Q sheet? A model / template to help VQs get started. Commz strategy for VQ? Q school.
  • Float more copies of Freed to Lead amongst the PAX. Re-read if you have not for a while. 1 week reading challenge.

NMS – There is a balance YHC is seeking… both ready to come out of the gate with direction, but want to provide the opportunity for the PAX to provide opinions and thoughts on where F3RVA should go. Feel free to text or post topics on Slack. Come to the the next discussion 7p on Monday. Think about what you want for F3 and lets discuss.


  • Q – publish an agenda to drive thoughts about topics
  • PAX – Encourage folks to use Slack
  • PAX – Respond to Slack leadership channel with topics for next meeting
  • PAX – Read Freed to Lead as the basis for our common vocabulary
  • PAX – provide ideas for what you want to see F3RVA become

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