Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

So Smooth


5 dudes expected a Last Call Q got something they didn’t sign up for. YHC was coming in hot with a bag of tricks in tow after snatching the Q the previous evening. 530 hit and we were off. According to Michael McDonald it went something like this:

Looong mosey down to robious landing park. interrupted at each intersection by 10 of a PAX choice exercise for variety. Exercises included Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Hand Release Merkins, Side Stradle Hops, and WW2s. Short COP to stretch it out then mosey to the dock. Time to see what’s in the bag… Yacht Rock! several combinations of triple checks ensured with some smooth music to accent the lovely view on the water. We were running low on time but like my man Christopher Cross said ”its all right, I think we’re gonna make it”. so we “ride like the wind“ and were only a few minutes late to COT. Numbers? Names, Tobit took us out.

announcements: -SOJ takeover next week, cone on out and post, dont let the fear of jorts scare you away!


YHC only asked for the Q to head down to the water. Its a very small window when you can catch the sunrise on the James from Twin Team. Couldnt ask for better group of gents to enjoy the gloom with!


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