Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wilson is down!


Another addition of Flex Friday went down at Satans Hill this morning and so did Wilson!

COP- SSHs, DQs, helicopters, Dead Man Hang, LBCs, Short Mosey

Grab a coupon – 45 mins of variation and Coupon rotation, of the following.

Curls, Tris,Overhead Press, Bench, Mosey, WWIIs, 6 inches, LBCs, Rows, Lunges, Squats

Numbers, Names, YHC took us out!


WHile this morning was tough on the lifting, Wilson got the brunt of it by tweeking his back, speedy recovery brotha, hope it feels better soon! Honeymoon said he would mow your lawn for you if you needed it! Have a great weekend gents!


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  1. Duke – solid Q. If any of you PAX in RVA want a solid low running workout, check out Dukes Flex Friday’s! A different way to raise heart rate! Well done Duke! I’ll be back at my blazing speeds soon. Have no fear……. It was nothing like that day out at No Toll….