Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

International Male


YHC was pumped to swing down to the South side and pay some tolls to Q for NoToll as Part of the DaVille Tuesday takeover this month. Planted the shovel flag in brutal gravel by the Tennis courts brought my phone and wireless speaker for some workout tunes to enjoy with this mornings workout and here is what went down for 14 F3RVA gents!


Mosey to the parking lot by the cell towers and circle up for 20 SSH, 10 DQ’s, 10 4ct American Hammers, 20 4ct LBC’s, 10 reverse scorpions, 10 scorpions, 20 merkins.


The tunes are cranking now so we go to 4 corners bro code style as everyone want to hang with the tunes…right?!? So Corner 1 – 10 squats, Corner 2 – 20 Flutter kicks (2 ct), Corner 3 – 30 single count lunges alternating legs and corner 4 -40 LBC’s. We repeat this two more times.

Mosey to the soft grass divide into groups of 3 or 4 and perform a triple check. P1 – runs to opposite side of the field and back (timer) P2 – LBC’s, P3 – Personal choice upper body – plank, merkins, drydocks, etc. We rotate 2 more times so everyone has a turn to complete 1 set. We perform two more sets.

Next we divide into 3 groups and form a personal Bermuda Triangle about 20 yards in between each corner. Corner 1 group(C1G) – bear crawls to corner 2 (C2G) – sprints to C3G – lunges to C1G. We repeat this 3 times.

Mosey to the covered patio divide into different groups of 3. P1 – runs to opposite side of field and back (timer), P2 – Merkins and P3 bench dips (crushing the triceps on this routine). We rotate 2 times for each partner to get the exercise to complete the set and then perform 2 more sets.

These gents are crushing this work out…and we still have time.

Next we do 11’s using the width of the patio, 10 merkins, walk to other side 1 squat, walk back 9 merkins, 2 squats and continue to where we mosey back to flag and perform the 9 merkins and 2 squats(surprise switch), then 10 squats and 1 merkin to finish!


So you can imagine with CB music playing it will be all over the board from funk, to rock, to new wave…with a common excellent/unique percussion theme behind this music…I am a drummer after all. So a late 80’s tune pop’s up and YHC was thinking back to his college(let’s be real ‘Institute’) days and ordering cool trendy clothes from a catalogue titled International Male…back in the day we had no internet/amazon/google to buy things and the guys crushed YHC! We were laughing hard…check out the Wiki page(link at the bottom of this bb) if you really want to laugh…heck, they even made a movie about this!…What a gang of fun gents to work out with this morning. Humbly honored to lead, work out and have a laugh…great way to start the day!

Glad to see Mr Roper and Fresh prince back to NoToll as I understand it has been awhile and keep coming back…I know I will…soon! Cheers…CB!

International Male – Wikipedia


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  1. Thanks for coming down SOJ Corned Beef! Great Q. I’ll have to find that Mag…lol