Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 Track Team


A sweaty dozen runners basked in the early morning light leaving headlamps behind. Two Pax wore red sleeveless tank tops and matching shorts as they looked prepared to run a relay. Swirly tested the strength of his truck’s bumper with some warm up dips and determined that shirts were optional.

No sleeves, no shirt, no problem!

Off we went taking the bat cave to Westham Station for a nice climb up Ridge. Take a left on River and a right on Ralston in the early morning light. Tackle another ascent up Ralston with 4s then taking a right on University Drive to pick up the lake and return home. 5s/6s take a left on University and merge with Ziontown.

5s cut through Lakewood to Westham to University to return around the lake. 6s took a left on Forest and a series of right (Rock Creek, Baldwin, Westham Pkwy) to then pick up University to the lake.

Splinter took us out.


-Congratulations to Face Plant with the growth of his family!

-The bridge this weekend


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