Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Memorial Day convergence


49 redwoods gathered today to celebrate our brotherhood in the region with a humid beatdown , remember the fallen, and announce some changes in F3RVA. According to the amateur documentary crew filming us during burpee hill, this is how it went down.

TYA COP all In Cadence. 25x SSH, 10x DQ, 10x Merkins, 25x LBC, 15x Freddie Mercurys, 10x SSH. After saying a few words TYA passed the Q to YHC.

Gomer COP all IC. 15x Merkin, 15x WW2, 15x Copperhead squats, 10x Shazzam. 10x Burpees on your own. Break into 4 groups for 20 minutes.

1. Corned Beef Q. 11’s across canal bridge. Hand release merkins on one side and squats other side run across bridge. Circle of merkins around nourishment fountain. One merkin at each stone rotating clockwise until complete circle. Start triple check ( only had time for one rotation). P1-run to parking lot entrance from fountain and back (timer) P2 – dips on Bench P3 – LBC’s. BTTF

2. Doozy Q. Mosey across the bridge stop at each bench for merkins 25,20,15,10 and finish with 10 Derkins at the rocks on the other side. Lunges, butt kickers and high knees to the stairs for 11’s 10 – count American Hammers at the bottom and 1 Crunchy frog at the top. Indigenous People Run BTTF with last person doing 1 merkin before running to the front

3. Swirly Q. Incline merkins and dips on the steps. 4 corners merkins , Burpees, Squats, Lt. Dans; Polar bear across field crawl bear poler bear back: High knees across field 5 burpees Bernie sanders back plank exercises hold it ! Mosey to picnic tables – dips incline Merkins step ups Mosey to bottom of hill for some Mary till all groups back

4. Gomer Q. Mosey to base of hill. 11s Merkins and squats. 2 rounds individual. 2 rounds partners. 4 rounds in groups of four. 2 rounds all PAX. BTTF

Come back together. Movement to the War Memorial. 1x Burpee at each left hand light pole – go back for the six. Ring of Fire at the top of the hill. Moment of silence for Memorial Day – PAX announced their brothers and sisters lost to defending the Nation – some listed below. Florence led us in a COT. Prayers for those healing, our departed and the families that carry their honor forward.

NMS – On behalf of the PAX, YHC wants to thank Bleeder, TYA, Swirly, and the rest of the founding brothers for the inspiration to start and to lead F3RVA for all these years. We are known as doing things a little different. Thats ok – we have our reasons. We were one of the first regional expansions – before F3 became organized with a board and other corporate positions and as the F3 philosophy evolved and was captured. We are also in the land where liberty and a revolution was born – among those events in Patrick Henry’s speech at St Johns Church – and while are not perfect we are working and will continue to evolve as the best nation on the planet. Many more things make us unique. We will keep true to ourselves while we increase leadership opportunities to fulfill the F3 Mission:

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership

YHC wants to thank the PAX for your support and leadership. We have much to do.

Thanks also to Honeydo and Seymour for organizing and setting up coffeeteria.

Finally on Memorial Day, we want to remember those that have fallen to build and defend this great nation. YHC does not participate in twitter often, but one asked Joko Willink how to best honor those that did not return. His response “Live a life that honors their sacrifice.” Cannot say it better brother Jocko! https://twitter.com/DaveDillon44/status/1530163689147465730

Feel free to list your Memorial Day remembrances below.

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  1. Remembering: SGT Nick Mason – Mosul Iraq; SGT David Ruhrer – Mosul Iraq; MAJ Christopher Splinter – Samarra Iraq

    Thanks for letting me lead, gents. Great to see some brothers I have not seen for a while including LabRat, Mr Holland, and Body Karate.

    Gitty Up!

  2. YHC learned something today, while in the Navy I know 4 people who lost their lives 3 flying jets and practicing controlled crashes onto a flight deck at 160 MPH with a pitching and yawing LZ. The 4th was a airman that died in a car crash. What I realized was though I knew each of these people, I don’t remember their names. Gomer asked to shout them out and YHC couldn’t, Doozy will learn those names and report back ASAP.

  3. Looks like this was a memorable one, thank you for all your leadership to all the Qs and especially GP! I’m bummed to have missed this one but found some F3 fellowship with our partners in F3 Cape Fear today. Remembering those who served:

    Captain Shawn Hogan, US Army


    First Seargent Luke Mercardante, USMC


    Captain Jason Back, USMC