Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wash your own Socks


Twelve pavement (!pickle) pounders gathered at various times for various routes for today’s RAMM. Those that arrived for a 0530 launch enjoyed the following route, curated in the car prior to launch:


  • South on Commonwealth
  • Continue to Windsor Farms and complete the Berkshire, Sulgrave, Canterbury loop, exiting by going north on Malvern
  • 4s continue north on Malvern to a left on Fitz-Hugh
  • 5s right on Grove, left on Roseneath, left on Monument, right on Malvern
  • 6s right on grove, left on Boulevard, left on Monument, right on Malvern
  • All continue west on Fitz-Hugh to a left on Commonwealth
  • Back to RAMM base

Numbers, names, YHC took us out.


Is RAMM disorganized? Of course. Are there consistent Qs? Hardly. Do we still participate in the 3Fs? Absolutely! Not to delve into the conversation of what is worthy of a point or not, but it takes very little effort to think of 3 different routes for people to run for 45 minutes. Perhaps you want to explore a certain area further? Maybe this time of year you want to see what an area looks like in the daylight? Gone are the days where you have to hop in the car (unless you are TYA) and map out a route by driving it. There are tools available (such as https://onthegomap.com/) that make this really easy. Sign up and give it a shot!

Post run mumblechatter mentioned personal privacy and other activities individuals will undertake this long weekend.


  • Convergence Monday 7am @ Brown’s Island, r-u-c-k @ 6am
  • See slack for departure details for next Saturday 6/4

That’s all for today. Enjoy the weekend!



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