Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tour de Tuckahoe


Eight musky gringos took Riverside Drive by storm before the awakening. A dewey mist encapsulated the posh neighborhood. These are the tales that were spread by the engineer of the 527 freighter out of Toledo.

Short mosey to the corner of the parking lot for warmarama that included Invisible Jump Rope, Helicopters, DQ’s, Jazzercise, Dead Man Hang and Arm Circles. Everyone awake, lets roll:


Indigenous People Run down River Road to Highland. Rear sprints to the front and sets the pace. Luckily only a few motorists out mostly from the opposite direction.

Mailbox Roulette: Mosey down Highland Brocode style. 10 merkins for every mailbox on the right, 10 imperial squat walkers for every mailbox on the left. More residents on the left.

Partner Up on Westham Station: Runner runs to the 2nd no parking sign while partner performs various mobile exercises: bear crawl, lunges with a twist, broad jumps. This was so much fun we did it twice to make it to the corner of Westham and South Ridge.

South Ridge Lindsay: Back to the flag brocode style. At each intersection perform 40 reps of Carolina Dry Docks and LBC’s.

Still time on the clock? Mankillers: Time to get tone for SOJ takeover in a couple weeks. No sissy scorpion kicks or escalating four corners is allowed on the more cultured side of the James.

Time was called. Names, Numbers, Announcements, Prayers – Upchuck took us out.

Convergence on Monday at 7 – Brown’s Island. Ruck begins at 6.

Prayers for those families in Texas. Hold your family and friends today. Tell them you love them just so they know.

NMS: Great mumble chatter today. Good to see Shiplap out and about while House Party really making F3 work for him. Upchuck and Handshake brought both up to speed on First Watch traditions that occur on the regular. Hope to see you both again for the earliest and most entertaining AO. Thank you brothers for the opportunity to lead as it was good to see the happenings of the First Watch neighborhood.


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  1. Well done, Last Call! Great to see House Party and Shiplap at First Watch. Have a wonderful day!