Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where is Pouncey Track?


8 runners/walkers came together Friday morning to get confused by me calling every road Pouncey Track. If we ever get to Pouncey Track at this AO, someone is in trouble. Here is how the runners went:

4.5 & 5 milers: Pouncey Track north (Pump) and then a right on Pouncey Track (Church). Took the next right on Lake Pouncey Track (Loreine), went down the hill, stayed left, went to the cul-de-sac and came back around the other way and then up the hill. Took a left on Pouncey Track (Church). 4.5 miler took Pouncey Track Parkway (John Rolfe) to Pouncey Track Drive (Glen Eagles) to Pouncey Track (Ridgefield) while the 5 milers stayed on Pouncey Track (Church), went left into Keswick neighborhood then took Pouncey Track Parkway (John Rolfe) all the way to Pouncey Track (Ridgefield). All the runners merged on the way back.

We have enough walking wounded that Currahee has become the hot spot for walkers across Short Pump. They have perfected a walking route for anyone else looking for company on a Friday morning. GP is back to a running/walking combo and I know he is looking forward to getting back to the full running group as soon as possible.

COT: Announcements: Convergence Monday May 30th at Browns Island/Tredegar area. June 4th Blood Drive and the Bridge. Pick one or both! Prayers for Gypsy, Pinto and Lab Rat.

Thanks for letting me Q. No one got lost or (re)injured so I will sign up again in the future.


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