Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Takeover is Over


7 at Hoedown today. Here’s how it went.

Parking lot at the corner

10 Lunge Twist Right

10 Lunge Twist Left

10 Travolta Right

10 Travolta Left

20 Rocky Balboas (toe taps in a plank position)

20 Deep Mountain Climbers

10 Alabama Prom Date (one-legged) Right

10 Alabama Prom Date (one-legged) Left

Upper Parking lot

5 minutes of burpees

Wall Courtyard: 15 air-press (People’s chair) in cadence, 10 BTTW hip slaps in cadence, 15 Donkey Kix OYO

Wall Courtyard: 15 milkers (People’s chair) in cadence, 10 BTTW Australian Mountain Climbers in cadence, 15 Donkey Kix OYO

Wall Courtyard: 15 Lalannes (People’s chair) in cadence, 12 BTTW ToeTaps in cadence, 15 Donkey Kix OYO

Wall Courtyard: 15 Muhamad Ali (People’s chair) in cadence, 10 Dirty Hookups in cadence, 15 Donkey Kix OYO

Playground: Teams of three

Timer: 10 Pull-ups, Dips, WWIIs: Clockwise rotation: 3X

Upper Parking lot: Pair Up

Bear Crawl to middle: 10 Hand slap Merkins, Mosey back: 3x

Wall Courtyard: 11s Angry Donkeys (People’s Chair airpress and Donkey kicks)

Run around the circular (oval) driveway

Grassy area in the middle:

20 Dollies

20 Heels to Heaven

10 Merkins

60 second leg lift

Tuckahoe Takeover must be over because I was able to sign up for the Q. It’s now starting to get warm in the morning. It wasn’t quite 70 degrees but it was humid. Get ready for the summer! Drink lots of liquids beforehand. And maybe bring something to drink after the workout is over.

Prayers for Lab Rat, Whitesnake’s neighbor, Pinto and the people of Ukraine.


May 30 Memorial Day convergence.

June 4 Blood Drive at Epiphany Lutheran, Please sign up to donate blood at Also, we need some assistance with the blood drive, You can sign up to help with the Q-signup sheet. There is a tab (worksheet) for the Blood Drive. Less than 3 weeks to go. We have 6 donors out of 37 slots.




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