Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tuckahoe Maximus Takeover


Six Circus Maximus Regulars plus one “welcomed by everyone except White Deer” guest Q, grabbed their bells and completed the following:

COP (start delayed by White Deer):

Deadman Hang, Reach for the Stars, Helicopters, DQ’s, Jazzercises, Suzanne Somers L & R

Mosey to the Bus Loop and find a comfortable spot on the sidewalk for:

Super Kettlebell 21’s:

The three exercises are: High Pulls, KB Squats, 2-ct KB American Hammers

21 of each exercise, Lunge across bus loop and back

20, Lunge

19, Lunge

18, Lunge

17, Lunge

16, Run the Bus Loop

15, Lunge

14, Lunge

13, Lunge

12, Lunge

11, Run the Bus Loop

10, Lunge

9, Lunge

8, Lunge

7, Lunge

6, Lunge

5, Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear

4, Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear

3, Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear

2, Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear

1, Run the Bus Loop

Mosey back the flag for:

COT, Numbers, Names, Announcements and YHC took us out!


Tuckahoe Takeover Week continues

2 year Currahee anniversary tomorrow

SOJ Takeover in a few weeks (how can it possibly be any better than Tuckahoe Takeover??)

June 4 Blood Drive – See Pigskin

June 4 The Bridge Convergence – See Vinny

Memorial Day Convergence at Tredegar 7am

Prayers for Whitesnake’s friend/neighbor Ryan who has Colon Cancer

Prayers for Lighthouse’s family

Prayers for several PAX who are dealing with ailments/issues


Nice morning for a kettlebell beatdown! It was nice to see the Circus Maximus men again. It had been too long! Always a pleasure to see White Deer even though he gave YHC a hard time for showing up to Q. It was great to also see familiar faces Atilla and Offshore and to see and get to know Whitesnake, Pigskin and Lighthouse a little better. YHC will be back once school is out! Great job attacking the workout, men and I hope you attack the day, as well!




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