Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ed brings a boring workout!


12 SOJ studs and some dude from Tuckahoe converged on the sprawling estates of Huguenot High. Weather was quite nice, not quite 70 but I will take it. After a brief mosey down to the lowest elevation parking lot the workout went like this:

COP: DQs, Helicopters, merkins, a few scorpion kicks (Pax loved it), FMs, ACs. Short mosey to a different corner of the parking lot.

E1: 4 cumulative corners with 10 burpees, 20 WWIIs (w/ the burpees), 30 jump squats (w the burpees and WWIIs), and then 40 2 count flutter kicks. For some reason there was mixed feedback on these exercises. Short mosey to grassy hill #1.

E2: Wheelbarrows up the hill for each person. I like the layout of grassy hills between parking lots at Huguenot. Mosey to next parking lot.

E3: Doras with 100 HRMs, 200 Helix squats and 300 LBCs, Other partner runs 3/4 the way down the parking lot and back. Mosey to curb next to school entrance.

E4: Curb crawl up to 3 down to 1 followed by a long lunge back towards home base.

Moseyed near flag and finished with AHs, Heels to heaven and DQs.

Announcements: 5/30 Convergence at Tredegar downtown, 6/4 Blood Drive at Epiphany Lutheran (see Pigskin for details), 6/4 Bridge – see Vinny for details, 5/28 – Puppy Pile at Rockwood post workout. September 11 – go with Doozy to run the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the amount of the steps in the World Trade Center building.

Prayers are with Gypsy, Try Hard’s sister, Lab Rat, Mr, Holland, Fresh Prince and Don Draper. I also am getting a CT scan this morning due to a condition I have. Hopefully like the past two CT scans, everything checks out OK. I had fun leading this group. I’d like to come back here again.

Fireman Ed


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  1. 100 HRM’s in a Dora immediately after 40 Burpees and a Wheelbarrow up a hill….OUCH. Thanks for coming down to Q Fireman Ed. One of the harder Q’s I’ve been to in a while.