Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Swapping Qs in Twin Hickory


10 Redwoods gathered dangerously close to the hotbed of Lasagna parties to swap jabs, barbs, and maybe the Q.

According to the twin hickory early morning walkers here is what went down, more or less:

COP – Gomer: all iC; 20x SSH, 10x IW, 10x DQ, 20x WW2, 25x LBC, 10x Dollies, 10x Rosalita, 10x Flutters, 10x WW2, 10x Grass Angel, 10x 4count Merkin, 10x HRM, 10x Shazam.

Beast – Lighthouse. Mosey to Gridiron for a beast, 6 Burpee, 24 LBC, 12 HRM, 12 Monkey Humper, 12 Flutters, 6 Burpee

Four Corners – Pinto, 10,15,20,25 Merkin, WW2, Flutter.  +5 SSH, LBC + 5 Merkin chaser.

Feats of strength – White Deer. 20yd “races” Bear crawl, Crab walk, Bear Crawl

Gomer – Ring of fire.  partners across the ring Bear Crawl, Booyah merkins, Crawl Bear. Finish off with Flutters.

Pinto took us out.  Prayers for Drew, LabRat and all recovering / working through physical, mental, and spiritual challenges.

Announcements –

  • May 13 Currahee 2 year celebration
    • Fun routes for all skill levels including walkers.
    • “Special routes” available for those worried about / prone to getting lost.
  • Memorial day convergence – Browns island 7am
  • Freed to bleed June 4 – Volunteers needed.  Let Pigskin know: 2 setup, 2 signin 1st shift, 2 signin 2nd shift, 3 teardown.
  • Bridge clown car June 4

NMS – Fun to be back out at GridIron. On the drive over from Dogpile, YHC realized that there are some other great Qs out there that have not signed up and decided on a hot potato.  Thanks to the fellow Qs for jumping in. White Deer reminds us that while the Q is in charge he is also on a stage with a spotlight.

Coffeeteria makes YHC seem that some might be interested in a military history / movie watch night where we can go in knowing what we are talking about and avoid building up to a downer.  Bottom line: War sucks – the aftermath sucks too. When nations policy goals conflict and diplomacy fails, war is the outcome.  No soldier really wants it, and some end up being good at it…  regardless, the goal of my military brethren is to make war violent at the precise point of most impact, and therefore quick so that more of the brethren can go back home.  We are lucky here that so few of us have needed to be involved – its not like that around the world. This is made possible and we are kept safe by rough men and women “on the borders” that you may never know. If interested, YHC would be happy to get some other veterans together to share what those brave souls go through with those that want to know.  

Get some!


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