Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The mission: At least one a year – Lets make ’em stay!


9 made it out to Currahee for the first temperate run in a while. 5 milers did the Gayton ES route; right on Pump, left on Church, cut across Gayton, left on Kleindale, Right on Poplar Forest, Left on Ridgefield and return. 4 milers same route but from Church, Left on Copperas, Left on Ridgefield. 3 milers, from Church, left on John Rolfe. With two uphills at the end, this is a solid training route.

EF Hutton took us out.

NMS – Fudd got me out to Dogpile 5 years ago. This is after saying no multiple times to Toga, Flipper, and Splinter. What we do together is worth sharing. Keep working on folks and dont give up.

Imagine what would happen if we did 2 things:

  1. Each one of us brought one person on each year.
  2. And then, almost as importantly, as a PAX we made them feel so welcome that they stayed. ‘

     >>  Starting with YHC, that would be 32 across the last five years.

Get some!


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