Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Unforeseen Duel Between Tombstone and Clerks


An unknown number of runners and cyclists convened at RAMM with everyone pointing at one another for routes. One thing was for certain, gears PAX outnumbered running PAX… at least at the published 0530 launch time. It went something like this.

The PAX started trickling in as 530 approached. Hugs were exchanged between long lost brewers, people stared, even discussion of opioids before daybreak. However, there was one fine gentleman that stood by himself and just simply absorbed the discussion in front of him.

One PAX member could not contain his displeasure for YHCs declared route, as said person decided to arrive early (as he normally does) and had already performed said route (I’ll let you guess who). There was brief discussion on whether we could go west instead of east, but everyone went east. We all know west isn’t safe.

With very little instruction on routes, our visitor from South Cary looked at YHC and declared, “I guess I’ll follow you? No seriously, how fast are you running?” No time for silly questions, just follow along.

Well our visitor from South Cary, after saying virtually nothing pre-launch, proceeded to have a lengthy, and quite honestly, enthralling conversation about parking lots, homeowners associations, and the cost of private beach replenishment. Hermes, thanks for joining Faceplant and I and making us run on sidewalks instead of pavement.

Great to see a variety of PAX today. We had a hot dog stand, a brand new (albeit somewhat squatty for my stature) road bike, and two or three runners that never made it back.

Good luck to all the 10kers tomorrow. May your feet be fleet! Be on the lookout for Wedding Singer as a pacer!

The route was epic. Hope everyone enjoyed!


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