Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fire Extinguishers and Garbage Receptacles


7 merry lads got together for some kettle bell fun. It went a little something like this:

COP: DQs, CPs, Merkins, MCs, FMs and ACs. Run around bus loop.

Mosey with coupon held high to side of school facing pump. Lindseys with coupon press and heels to heaven, Run to the fire “hydrant”, not extinguisher after each set. Mosey with coupon held high to main parking lot.

Next exercise: Burpee with overhead coupon press for each parking line. We did not go through the whole parking lot. If we did, a mutiny would likely have occurred. Estimating 15 burpees with the same # of overhead presses. Mosey to Curb and do 10 lawnmower pulls each arm.

Mosey to back of school. Dora with 100 sit and presses, 200 curls and 300 LBCs. Partner runs to the garbage thing called a “receptacle” but is a “big metal doo hickey” and then switches off. For some reason the spot where Pigskin and I were doing the sit and presses was rather wet. Mosey back to home base with a waiter’s carry each arm (Homer’s favorite).

We finished with 15 lawnmower pulls each arm and a set of CPs to stretch.

Announcements: 6/4 blood drive. Epiphany Lutheran church. Donate or volunteer please. Contact Pigskin for details!

Prayers: Gypsy, Handshake’s family, White Deer’s customer, Lab Rat, Ukraine including Lighthouse’s family

I struggled with proper word choice today. Instead of a fire hydrant, I called it a fire extinguisher and instead of a garbage dumpster I called it a garbage receptable. I was never a pro with vocabulary but today I was off. I was like Scuttle the bird in the Little Mermaid, one of White Deer’s favorite movies.

It was great leading the PAX this morning. Welcome Spring. Do great things today!

Fireman Ed


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