Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Saab’s weaving booties


16 west end giants braved the last cool day of spring to get a run in.

Saab said the Q can call this route anything he wants, so YHC presents “Saab’s weaving booties”. Why booties? We dont know. We do know Saab prefers weaving to knitting.

This is the route:

4s – Batcave, across parking lot to Westham Station, S Ridge Road, L on River, Right on Ralston, cut across the pool lot, Right on Holmes, cross Forest to Sunrise, across Westham to University and back to start.

5s – From Ralston, turn left on University, bend to Ziontown, Right on Ridge, cross the parking lot to Lindsey, right on Westham, left on Lakewood and back to campus.

6s – from Lindsey, Left on Westham Parkway, Right on Waveney, Right on Wood and back to campus

3s – Run / Walk around campus perimeter and through Westhampton. 15 min warmup walk, 1 min run + 1 min walk x6, cooldown 14 min.

YHC took us out. Prayers for Lab Rat, Try Hard, and Handshake.

Announcements – Sign up for breaking bread. Gomer FOB virtual benefit 4/29 8p – extra tickets available. Blood drive 4 June Epiphany Lutheran Church – need donors.

NMS – Fun to be back at Spider Run and walk by YHCs old residence halls. Campus has changed in many ways since way back when.

Get some!


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