Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Happy that they have found their fun – truly


2 Warriors meet in the gloom for a Monday morning Daville to remind everyone else what respect can be all about.  According to the couple walking laps in the back parking lot with way too much seemingly lively and boisterous discussion to be married (to each other), here is how it went down:

Mosey to COP all IC, all 4 count; 10x SSH, 10x DQ, 10x Merkin, 10x HRM, 10x Merkin + sky Reach,  10x Merkin, 10x Arm Circle, 10x reverso, 10x seal claps, 10x overhead claps, 10x arm circle, 10x ww2, 51 LBC, 10x Hello Dolly, 10x Rosalita, 10x Bohemian Rhapsody, 10x Freddie Mercury, 10x APD, 10x Tuscaloosa Trailer Park Twister.

Mosey to pull up bars.  10x pullup to start.  50x tuckup (half pullup, elbows at 90deg+ lift knees to elbows) + 50 squats.

Mosey to tires.  Pair up. flip tractor tire. 20x each out and back.

Mosey to benches.  50x dips + 50 squats.

BTTF.  Heel raises and Romanian DL.

YHC took us out.  Prayers for LabRat, Handshakes’ family, TryHards sister.

NMS –  Fun to be in Daville today and talking about leadership and training men for combat with Corned Beef.  YHC abs still tight from Sat – will be a fun week. Its amazing how sound carries 150m in the morning gloom and the kinds of things discerning adults will share.  You probably had to be there.

Missed seeing the rest of the  davilians!  Did the GridIron BB scare off the PAX?  They might want to get some more than others what to get some. 😉  Til next time when we will flip the truck tires.

Get some!


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  1. Great workout this morning and have some new routines to tryout in future Q’s for sure. Glad you made the trip North and look forward to seeing you in the gloom soon! Cheers…CB!