Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Easter Came Early


6 bunny loving fellas showed up to W Dog to see when murder bunnies will take place… YHC had a little surprise in store for them! According to the Easter Bunny here is what may have happened…

Mosey to Penny Stage for COP:

SSH’s x20

Imperial Walkers x10

Don Quixotes x10

Helicopters x10

Dead Man Hang

Time to find some Easter Eggs… Grab a coupon (your basket) and travel around Dogwood Dell and search for the glow in the dark eggs. Each egg has an exercise for the Pax to complete. The following were:

Murder Bunny x20 then 15 Block Merkins

Block Burpees x10

Curls x50

Bench Press x50

Shoulder Press x25

Pull Ups/Chin ups x10 (1 Set Each)

Coupon Swings x25

Windshield Wipers x25 (2 Count)

LBC’s x50

Flutter Kicks x50 (2 Count)

Squats x25, then Calf Raises x25

Skull Crushers x15, then Dips x25

Mountain Climbers x50 (2 Count)

Lawnmowers x15 each arm

Decline Merkins x10

Shoulder Raises x 25

Back to Flag

Namerama, Numberama, YHC took us out.

Prayer Requests for LabRat, Handshake’s Family, and DTH’s sister


Thought I would get a little creative with Easter this weekend and with the abundance of eggs YHC has for his nephews…why not have F3 get to have some fun with them first? YHC showed up early and hid the eggs around Dogwood Dell filled with some nice gifts. I think the PAX enjoyed this beatdown! Couldn’t go without doing some murder bunnies especially just for BT, who scheduled himself out of town knowing they were coming… Good to meet Cane Pole from NC as he was here for work! A lot of great mumblechatter throughout which makes the workout even better! If you want to give your kids a basket, give them a coupon instead… Thank you for letting me lead, make it a great day!


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  1. This was the horror movie version of an easter egg hunt…my childhood is ruined. Maybe I’ll take this idea and ruin my 2.0’s childhood too. lol thanks for the Q Shiplap

  2. Great beatdown ship, bonus points for you to the extra planning that went in to this. I hate to say it but I hope this comes back as an annual event. Rosie’s got Christmas, Ship is the Easter bunny!

  3. Shiplap, this looks like a pretty awesome beatdown. I wish I could have been in two places at once.