Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fake Out


Eighteen inhaled heavy doses of pollen through varying distances of 4, 5 and 6 miles.  Here’s where they went:

The Route

All Runners:

  • Right on UR Drive
  • Right on Westhampton Way
  • Exit campus across College to Glen Pkwy
  • Left on Westham Pkwy
  • Continue on S. Ridge to Westham Station
  • Cross River to the Bat Cave and head back toward the Flag
  • Right on Ridgeway


  • On Ridgeway, stay left and turn left on Roselawn, back to Flag


  • Right on Robin to Iris
  • Cross Three Chopt, left on access road
  • Left on Towana to Campus
  • Left on UR Drive and back to Flag


  • Add a trip down Ross and back up while on S. Ridge

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


Coming into the Bat Cave is usually the home stretch, but this route is a fake out and saves the worst for the end.  That made Ridgeway to Iris especially brutal.  Lockjaw thinks the route deserves a name, open to suggestions.  Congrats to Bone Thugs on his new gig.  Prayers for the Handshake family after the loss of his grandmother.  Good luck to Boberry and crew taking on the Roanoke half this coming weekend.  Bodos suggests holding your wedding at your future grave.  Possibly a view on marriage, but mostly because your funeral is then very romantic.


Bone Thugs Tax Day Trot this Friday April 15th – various routes from 6-9 miles – more details should be released tonight


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