Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gomer Doesn’t Like My Cadence


8 pack animals blocked off their Saturday morning and picked up the challenge of the day. Temperatures were 70 and sunny. According to the bhikkhuni demonstrating perfect form in the amphitheater, the following was accomplished:

THE Circle of Pain:

Mosey around the parking lot. Circle up on the far side of Faceplant’s car for:

SSH’s x40 (too fast for Gomer)
5 burpees
Imperial Walkers x9 (too slow for Gomer)
Box cutters
Flutter kicks

Mosey to the wooden posts along the road for Pole Smokers:

One PAX performs 10 heels-to-Heaven
Rest of PAX rotates through different exercises, which were:
Hold 6 inches
90 degrees
Hello Dolly
Flutter kicks
Probably a few others

Mosey to the Traffic Circle, then onto the field between the Amphitheater and the Carillon. Find a light post. Find a green electrical device in the field. Run between them. Do 1 merkin at the start, and 10 WWIIs at the finish. Repeato until the PAX has done what we all call 11’s.

Mosey to the Ha’ Penny Stage, grab a block, and get ready to rumble.

Partner up.
Pax 1: Murder bunnies
Pax 2: 10 overhead presses, 10 block presses. Repeato until partner 1 returns.
3 rounds

Keep hold of that there block. Mosey about 100 feet. If YHC is queuin’, then Touch-a-Tree is likely brewin’. Surprisingly, very few questions.

Partner 1: carry the block to 10 different trees.
Partner 2: exercise-o-rama.

Round 1: 10 trees, block presses
Round 2: 8 trees, WWIIs with the block
Round 3: 6 trees, who knows
Round 4: 4 trees, curls 4 da girls
Round 5: 2 tree, Burpees

Replace the blocks.

Mosey to the Amphitheater for 18’s

17 squats
1 incline merkin

Up all 18 steps, or until time is called.

Mosey back to the flag for 1 minute of Mary. Snow angels until time.

Numbers, names, YHC took us out.

Friday is the Bone Thugs 6, 8, or 9 miler, an Instant Classic. If you run on Fridays (Currahee, this means you), take a break from the normal and come on out to RAMM. Start whenever you need to finish your chosen distance at 6:15.
Breaking Bread sign-ups for May-end of summer are now open.


Today, YHC started with a tour of the parking lot. Faceplant, widely known for his solo land navigation skills already, noted that he has never been in this part of the AO. YHC is happy to show the PAX some new sights.

Welcome back to Rounders, who recently returned to his family and F3RVA from a 9 month tour in Kuwait. YHC is always thankful for those who serve our country, and even more so when they leave their families for an extended period for the sun, surf, and humidity that is the Persian Gulf. Thank you and your family for your dedication – surely not an easy lift. The PAX offered to buy all-you-care-to-eat KFC and Taco Bell all week, but for some reason, Rounders declined. Hope to see you back soon!

The PAX arrived at The Amphitheater today to find a human, a very physically fit female human wearing some sort of cloaking hoodie thing, doing easily the best form exercises YHC has seen in his almost 6 years with F3. Only those who post know.

Happy birthday to Florence, whose birthday wish of a National Championship for FSU came true last year. Albeit, in women’s soccer. Chin up, my friend: Tom Brady un-retired. There is hope in central Florida.

Find someone who needs help. Do something for that person.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Lol thanks Upchuck. Sounds like a great Q. And yes I’ll take women’s soccer or any sport at this point with FSU…not too much to take pride in with football lol. And yes Brady is the GOAT. Vinny said so.