Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There will be NO running


5 southsiders made their way to the parking lot at Timberwolf for a cloudy but not yet rainy day.

Mosey run 20 yard round the cone back to the flag area end of running for today

COP – DQ’s, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers Hermie joins in now we have 6

Stay in place – BLIMPS in the circle start with 5 rotate to the right after you do the burpees go to the wall and do wall sits until the next person gets to the wall and you go to lunges. Set 2 is 10 and rotate, set 3 is 15 and rotate and last set is 20. Marmaduke figured out that it made the most sense to have the burpees be the timer and everyone else did their exercise until the timer went to do wall sits. This is a work in progress and would really work best with 7 HIM

Mosey walk to the light poles

Triple check – P1 LBC, P2 Hello Dollies and P3 bear crawl to next light and crawl bear back

Mosey walk to the tennis court

4 corners C1 10 ball dippers per leg, C2 20 jump squats, C3 30 Calf raises (in/out) and C4 40 Squats

Indigenous people lunge walk, last person does 5 burpees

BTTF LBC’s (IC), Merkins (IC) and Low squats (IC)

Numbers / Names YHC took us out


YHC and a few others are heading to Petersburg this Saturday for a half Marathon so running was not going to be a part of the beatdown today. For a run light beatdown there was not a lot of Mumblechatter this morning which is usually an indicator of a gassed PAX.


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