Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

3 Years Forging New Glory!


The 10 best PAX brothers a guy could ask for posted to the Forge for a 3 year anniversary Q. With no rain and warm breezy temps, these HIM’s set new records in the Forge-specific NEW GLORY challenge. Here’s how Hardywood led the way! 



  • Short mosey and circle up
  • Welcome & Disclaimer
  • A couple IC Reps to loosen up
  • Mosey BTTF & introduce the PAX to the “New Glory” challenge including a mosey around the circuit highlighting each of the 14 COP’s.

!!! NEW GLORY !!!

  • The “New Glory” is the The Forge AO’s fitness measuring stick, to be repeated 2-4x per year, and so permit PAX the opportunity to monitor physical progress
  • Timeframe: 30 minutes
  • Style: BEST form possible, You vs YOU!
  • Starting point at the Shovel Flag
  • #1:  Complete x10 Burpees at the flag
  • #2-5:  Run down S.Coleman Rd to the Handicap Ramp, stopping at each light pole (x4 poles total on the right side) to complete x5 Hand-release Merkins
  • #6:  Bear Crawl halfway up the Ramp
  • #7:  Lunge walk the upper half to the end gate
  • #8:  Complete x20 Jerkins on the Rails
  • Run up Mount Chaplain, stopping at each new paved landing to complete assigned exercise…
  • #9 (Level 1):  x5 Burpees
  • #10 (Level 2): x10 Ball Dippers (2-ct)
  • #11 (Level 3): x15 Heels-2-Heaven
  • #12 (Level 4): x20 Squats
  • #13 (Level 5:) x25 Mtn Climbers (2-ct)
  • #14:  At the top of Mt Chaplain, complete x30 WWII’s, then run BTTF to begin next Circuit 
  • THE GOAL: Complete as many circuit rounds as physically possible with good form until time is called. If you cheat or cut corners you are only hurting yourself and your baseline. If you take all 30 minutes to complete a single circuit, that will be the baseline you will work towards crushing next time.

NEW GLORY completion points have been posted on the F3RVA Challenge Spreadsheet, where PAX can review progress over the years! Link HERE:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-L8e9W24ygnU0suaGyKxzi1PgPqY1CBd57hLrKTZI-g/edit#gid=116147269

TIME CALLED! Mosey BTTF to Cool Down & COT:

  • Counterama # 10
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took the PAX out in Prayer
  • COFFEERAMA on the Tailgate!

NMS:  Brothers, you know how much YHC loves the spirit of F3 – what it stands for and why it works to save men’s lives. What YHC loves even more is the brotherhood we have, and it has been an incredible honor to be a part of so many amazing relationships with you all. YHC absorbs wisdom and character from each of you, and it has absolutely improved YHC’s quality of life and impact on those YHC loves and serves. Thank you SO MUCH for your faithfulness to The Forge and following YHC through some ridiculous physical challenges over the years – the New Glory today perhaps being one of the hardest! We have only begun to scratch the surface of what we are capable of as a tight community of faithful brothers – and my prayer is that God gives us the time and wisdom to take hard steps in serving our community and bringing in FNG’s – and so fulfill the purpose He has created us for. Yours Truly, DTH

For we are God’s workmanship,

created in Christ Jesus to do good works, 

which God prepared in advance for us to do. 

Ephesians 2:10


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Joined F3 at NoToll 9/25/18. Started The FORGE 4/4/19. Fealty to SOJ. Follower of Jesus Christ. Pediatrician. Missionary. Husband to the M since 2005. Papa to a couple awesome 2.0's "Oreo" & "Banjo".


  1. – Prayers for Tryhard’s sister Elisabeth just diagnosed with Lymphoma – peace and wisdom for the family, and miraculous healing by faith and modern medicine for Elisabeth
    – CHAPLAIN invites you all to a new OTB Kettlebell Workout starting up this Sunday at West End AG starting at 6:30PM (401 N Parham Rd, upper parking lot)
    – FLORENCE invites you to come out for his birthday Q at Rock-N-Roll this Sat AM
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  2. I vividly recall doing an exercise next to TryHard during this New Glory thing and hearing him say in a moan-like tone during the pain, “Ahhh, it feels so good!”. You’re a sick SOB brother…and that’s why I love you